Warm Up
run 400m
2 sets of:

10 single leg RDL
10 inchworm walk ups with a pause + exhale- do this one with hands elevated 4+" off ground
10 KB deadbugs- hold a KB overhead in the deadbug position. Every time you lower a leg you extend the KB overhead

2 sets of:
RDL eccentric isometrics x 10 reps with a KB- 3-7 sec descend with a 1-3 sec pause at the bottom


Band pullover straight leg raises x 10 each side- keep leg straight, if you bend you are going to far

Deadlift warm up
3 sets of 5 reps at 50-60-65%
2 sets of 2 reps at 70-75%

For Time
800m Run
then 10 rounds of:
2 deadlifts 315/225 or 70% 1RM
1 rope climb or 1 ring muscle up
800m Run