Warm Up
400m run
2 sets of:
20 band pull aparts
10 empty bar muscle cleans from the knee
10 empty bar strict press
20 banded good mornings

Skill: hollow/arch drill-

REPS: accumulate 10 sequences
•1 arch to hollow lat pull down
•1 arch to hollow pulldown into pull-up
•Missing the lat pull down
•Ending in arch at top of pullup
—this makes sequencing next rep very difficult bc you need to go in sequential order of arch-hollow-back into arch etc.

OR if still developing the strict pull up - work on this drill on the inside bars of the rig


This forces eccentric work at crucial muscle building points & allows you to start w “active” muscles by pressing down slightly on bar (watch start of video).
▪️Build strength in strict pull-up by building lat muscles.
▪️This drill is for you!
•Add more resistance by adding another thin band etc.
▪️REPS: accumulate 20-30 “pull-ups”

Clean warm up with empty barbell
- Burgener Warm up https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw1rOjbgILs/

One round with empty bar
1. jump and shrug
2. jump and shrug + high pull
3. jump and shrug + muscle clean
4. tall clean to 2", 4", 6", full squat

Drill the positions for high hang and hang cleans

WOD- a heavier load today then usual working on good drive through the legs and hip on both cleans and presses. Challenge: do pull ups and then move to ring rows when you get tired. Watch the hang position and do a perfect clean deadlift to start each cycle. Don't make that pull of the ground look crappy.
For Time
hang power clean 155/105 135/95 115/75
shoulder to overhead
c2b pull ups/ pull ups/ ring rows