Warm Up

2 sets of:
100m run
Single Arm KB Press x 5 reps (right)
Single Arm KB Push Press x 5 reps (right)
Single Arm KB Press x 5 reps (left)
Single Arm KB Push Press x 5 reps (left)
KB Swings x 15 reps


Box stretch for mid-back mobility https://www.instagram.com/p/By5shuGAlni/
With your elbows high on the box and PVC pipe in hand, drop your chest to the ground and attempt to arch your mid back. Hold this position for 10 seconds and try 5 reps in a row.📝

Shoulder stability https://www.instagram.com/p/BydxpuJF8uC/
1. alternating low box (a plate on the floor) hand walks x 10/side
2. 1-arm depth push up with shoulder tap x 5/side
3. low box (plates on floor) lateral hands walks for speed x 5/direction
4. Ts + angels on a bench x 10 reps

Gymnastics conditioning:
Keep those shoulders strong, core engaged, and gain full body control with simple (yet challenging) warmup sets like this:
•Plank Foot Taps
•then 1 pike up handstand
•return to hollow plank
(rest as needed to be successful at all sets or go unbroken!)

🔑 If the ball starts moving you have too much weight towards your feet - lean more to shoulders and press down thru ground.

Clean Warm Up
5:00 EMOM
Slow Pull Power Clean + Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean
*build load every minute
*slow pull should take :04 to move from the start position to the knees. Work on body position.

500m/ 400m Row
10 HSPU or sub piked on a box or seated DB strict press
hang squat cleans *
*round 1 80% x 4 reps
*round 2 75% x 6 reps
*round 3 70% x 8 reps
*round 4 60% x 10 reps