Warm Up
2 rounds
50 feet perfect stretch walk
5/side lateral box step ups
10 glute bridges with feet on box
3 sets- starting with an empty barbell and adding a light load
3 hang muscle snatch
3 hang muscle snatch below the knee
3 muscle snatch from the floor

skill: Bulgarian split squats
3 x 10/side no weight

Gymnastics work https://www.instagram.com/p/B04z7G6AUGN/

all from a racked barbell
1. strict L-sit pull ups with band or no band
2. toes to bar
3. feet on gliders working on the hollow/arch swing
4. jump out of pool drill
5. banded bar muscle up drill

5 power snatch 115/75 95/65 75/45
10 OHS 115/75 95/65 75/45 or substitute front or back squats
15 TTB or 5 bar muscle ups