Warm Up
2 rounds

100m run
10 x shoulder taps/side
10 x banded lateral walks

5/side lateral box step ups
10 x glute bridges on a box

Mobility: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxv-F2njkBu/ (starting at 4th clip on video)

1. floor angels with passive thoracic stretch x 10 reps
2. passive shoulder flexion with thoracic extension x 10 reps
3. t-spine stretch on foam roller x 5 with good exhales as you are stretching through the chest
4. active shoulder flexion hovers x 10

Skill: work through 3 rounds

A. bent over rows- single arm DB row x 6 -8 each side
B. 8-10 push ups

500m Row
400m Run
10 kip HSPU/ 5 strict HSPU / 5 each side seated DB strict press
5/side KB goblet box step ups- box height should be at or slightly above the knee