Warm Up
600m Jog
Two sets of:
Russian Baby Makers x 10 reps
Yoga Push-Ups x 5 reps- move from a plank to an updog then to a downdog and back to a plank

Two sets of:
Over/Under Barbell Warm-Up x 5 pass thrus
Strict Pull-Ups with a band on the J-hooks x 5-10 reps depending on skill level
**make sure to use the appropriate band strength and work on the slower down, fast up tempo. Stronger athletes should do these as well but with a lighter band and more reps with more control down.

A. box stretch with PVC x 5 sets of 3 exhales
B. standing pass through with PVC x 10
C. DB high pulls x 8/side https://vimeo.com/223800916

Clean warm up

First establish the power position and the spot where your bar will make contact with your mid thigh. Do a few taps here. Then do 3-5 reps of three taps and a power clean with empty bar.

Second establish the hang position. Your shoulders are over the bar and weight is mid-foot to heel here. Do 3-5 reps power clean from this position and each time make contact at your power position.

2 High hang squat clean + 2 hang squat cleans at each percentage
1- @ 50%
2- @ 55%
3- @ 60%
4- @ 65%

15:00 EMOM
min 1: hang squat clean x "X"
min 2: bar facing burpees x 8
min 3: bar muscle up x 4/ C2B pull ups x 6/ strict pull up with tempo x 4/ banded pull ups with tempo x 8

X= by round
round one- 60% 1RM hang squat clean x 5 reps
round two- 65% x 4 reps
round three- 70% x 3 reps
round four- 75% x 2 reps
round five- 80% x 1 rep

Cool Down
Workout 1

Bulletproofin: (6 minutes of your time- this will greatly help with back issues)

KB Psoas Mobilization: 1 minute each side https://vimeo.com/204089143
4 Minutes for quality
Glute Bridges: x 10 with 3 second hold at the top https://vimeo.com/204089544
Curl Ups: x 10 https://vimeo.com/204093491