09.07.19 Team of 3

Team of 3
15:00 AMRAP
Row for calories

other 2 people on your team complete reps of:
15 partner deadlifts 345/285
10 25' shuttle runs- you need to touch the line

Rules: one person from the team of 3 is rowing for calories. The team can switch off rowing at any point. The other two team members are completing rounds of deadlifts and runs. Keep track of rounds and calories for 15 minutes.

Deadlifts- two people on one bar lifting together. The hands cannot cross on the barbell.

Shuttle runs- only one person runs at a time. You must touch the 25 foot line before tuning around to run another length. A total of 10 lengths between the two people.

Monthly Challenge
Mobility Challenge 09.01.19 (AMRAP – Reps)

Spend 1min Couch Stretch (R)

Spend 1min Couch Stretch (L)

Spend 2min Single Leg Forward Fold (R)

Spend 2min Single Leg Forward Fold (L)

Spend 3min Standing Straddle

Spend 2min in Bottom of Sumo Squat

1 Rep = 1min