07.14.18 Hammer Time

Bring a Friend today for class!  7, 8 or 9am. It's always better wodding with a friend

Make up Strength/Skill

WOD 20:00 AMRAP- partners- each person needs to complete one set of reps of an exercise before their partner can complete the next exercise. So partner A does all the hammer strikes, then partner B does all the lateral hops. The next round partner B will do the hammer strikes and partner A will do the lateral hops.

'Hammer Time' 20 reps total hammer strikes 20 reps total lateral hops over the DB 20 reps total alternating DB snatch 50/35 35/20 20 reps sit ups

**after each completed round both partners need to do a Single arm DB OH carry to the pylon and back- switch arm with weight at the pylon