07.13.18 'Mixed Bag'

Warm Up:4 rounds- increase pace on the run each round Run 200m 10 curtsy squats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xClhGjz7p0A 6 single arm KB press/arm

Primer: 9:00 every :90 alternate between:

Station 1: RNT (Reactive Neuromuscular Training) split squat 4 sets of 6-8 reps start with no weight and try to build light DB load each hand


**RNT exercises are used to fix knee cave. The use of a band that pulls the body into a bad position, basically feeding the problem, which causes the body to learn how to correct for the problem by turning the lateral glutes on at the right time to keep the knees in line with the foot

Station 2: Child's pose with shoulder variation x :30 + wrist stretches x :30 **shoulder variation to the child's pose is taking your hands and placing them behind the neck instead of straight out in front

Skill: split jerk 6 sets set 1-2 2 reps @ 70% set 3-4 2 reps @ 75% set 5 1 rep @ 80% set 6 1 rep @ 85%

WOD 'Mixed Bag' 800m Run 200m (fence and back) with sandbag 50/35 (light bag) + 30 Deadlifts 135/95 200m with bag + 25 hang power cleans 200m with bag + 20 front squats 200m with bag + 15 push jerks 200m with bag + 10 clusters