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08.17.19 Bring a Friend Day- DUMB buddy wod

Bring A Friend Day

30 Minute AMRAP
50 Dumbbell Front Squats
50 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead
50 Alternating Front Rack Lunges
50 Devils Press
50 Box Step Overs 24/20

RX 40/30
Scaled 30/20

One partner works while the other rests

*Lunges may be forward or backwards, no walking.
**Box step overs may be completed with dumbbells held in suitcase or front rack positions

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06.01.19 Partner WOD


Record total reps or weight for each part

Part A

10:00 alternating 30 seconds on the bike for max cals
partner one with bike 30 seconds while partner two rests, then switch. The 30 seconds includes transition time
Rest 2:00

Part B
8:00 to find max one rep thruster for both partners- you can work at the same time. The barbell is taken from the ground. Weights increase as you work for 8 minutes- you cannot take weight off the barbell on missed reps- plan accordingly.

Rest 2:00

Part C
6:00 AMRAP
max reps devil's press 40/25 30/20

one work, one rest

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