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 3 Sets For Time

2 Rounds
4 Tire Flips
60ft. Sled Pull Sprint 3/2 plates- mark off 4 sections of the concrete so you can run a straight away
60 Single Unders
200m SPRINT (a total of 4 lengths)

Rest :90 after each round

Rest 4 Minutes after each set
We’re going to try and do this with sleds outside like a buncha gosh darn land cheetahs.

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05.11.19 Bring a Friend Day

Bring a Friend Day

16:00 AMRAP
with a partner alternating rounds, one person has to complete an entire round before switching
1 strict pull up + 2 push ups + 3 air squats
2 strict pull ups + 4 push ups + 6 air squats
3 strict pull ups + 6 push ups + 9 air squats

keep adding one rep to the pull ups, 2 reps to the push ups, and 3 reps to the squats until time runs out.

Rest 4:00
as a team for max reps

2 rounds of:
1:00 max burpees
1:00 max wall balls 20/14
1:00 max double unders or singles

*team scores for today should include reps on part one and then total reps for both partners on round two

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03.14.19 pi day

WOD: pi day workout 3.1415926535
Chipper wod- just have fun and sweat- grab a piece of pie on your way home!!

For Time
3 muscle ups- sub 6 strict pull ups
14 thrusters 115/75 95/65
15 burpee box jump overs 24/20"
9 Barbell bent over rows 115/75 95/65

26 pistols- alternating sides- sub a progression

5 clean & jerk 115/75 95/65

35 sit ups

Cash out: 314 single unders

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