01.13.18 Bring a Friend Day

Make up Strength/Skill

WOD Partners 4 RFT 5 Power cleans/ 10 Back squats 155/105 135/95 15 Pull ups / 15 Push ups 20 Alternating plate hop burpees 25 Sit ups

*As a team of 2 decide with one bar, decide who does the cleans with the bar and then who does the back squats. The bar weight is the same for cleans and squats. Then one person on the team does all the pull ups while the other person does all the push ups. You can change exercises each round if you like. The burpee is done with the jump to a 45/25 plate and they alternate between the partner with a total of 20 burpees (10 each person). The sit ups can be divided however with one working, one resting.