Warm Up: 3 Rounds: 30 Single Unders or Double-Unders 15 Calorie Row 12 Abmat Sit-Ups 9 Slow Banded Good Mornings 3 Strict Pull-Ups+ 3 air chair swings

Mobility: get into a lunge position- kneel tall, don't lunge forward, pull hips under and squeeze the glutes. Hold this stretch for :30 each side, contracting and releasing every :05.

get into a spiderman lunge position- leave back leg off the ground, with the leg out front, take the opposite hand on the knee and drive the knee out while keeping the foot flat on the ground. Contract as hard as you can and then relax. Do this for :30 each side.

banded lat stretch x :30 each side tricep smash x :30 each side- use your racked bar

SKill: Front squat 1 rep pause front squat- pause at the bottom for :02 + 1 rep front squat set 1-2 @ 70% set 3-4 @ 75% set 5-6 @ 80%

WOD 4 RFT 20/16 cal row 10 power snatch 95/65 5 TTB or Bar muscle up- try for unbroken on these