Warm UpBike 12/10 cals 5 spiderman lunges + reach Russian baby makers x 10 reps Bear walk x 2 lengths of the gym- hide the ears with the arms and walk in a straddle position on the toes- straight legs and arms if you can. (like handstand walking in a pike) Crab walk 1 length of the gym both forward and backward 10 slow air squats to full depth- ass to the floor

Mobility: partner lat stretch- one person lays face down on the floor with their triceps and elbows flat on the ground and their hands behind the neck. Elbows should be really close to the head. Other person stands over their partner and takes their thumbs and puts them into the crease in the shoulder and rotates hands around the shoulder. Now you can press down on our partner to get a lat/tricep stretch. As you press focus on one side and then the other and then back to the center. wrist stretches x :30 each position deep squat progressions x 6-8 reps

Primer: 6 reps of jump to split -stand tall with the feet under the hips -bend slightly at the knees only and drive up in a slight jump -keeping your trunk upright, move quickly into the split position to land with equal balance between the feet -adjust the position and balance if needed and hold for 3 seconds 2 sets of 3 reps jerk balance- empty barbell and then light weight -begin with feet in a partial split position and the bar in the jerk rack position -dip straight down and drive straight back up -as the bar leaves the shoulders, keep the back foot planted and lift eh front foot to step out into the full split length -keep trunk upright and land in the full split length with equal balance between the feet

Skill: Jerks Every 90 seconds for 9:00 (6 sets) Power jerk + Split jerk @ 65-70% pause :02-:03 in the receiving position of the split jerk

WOD For Time 800m Row 20 DB thrusters 50/35 35/20 20 Box jumps 24/20" 20 DB thrusters 50/35 35/20