Warm Up 5:00 EMOM

jumping rope :45 rest :15

use this time to practice several different kinds of jumping rope

Mobility: KB single arm press with opposite arm rack hold-  performed with Kettlebells in both arms. The rack hold in the non working arm is a great way to training scapular stability and endurance while working concentric and eccentric contractions in the other arm. 2 sets of 5 each side https://www.instagram.com/p/BgFoD-1jmK-/?taken-by=functional.bodybuilding

KB bent over row with mini- band- KB in each hand, bent over in a row position and rowing one arm at a time.  Keep the mini-band around the lower knee (just underneath the knee).  Mini-band helps keep the glutes activated and working during the row and can improve the quality of the lift.  2 sets of 5 each side https://www.instagram.com/p/BfFLz5RjP9o/?taken-by=functional.bodybuilding

Skill: Jerks EMOM 10 1 rep @ 70-75%

Barbell warm up for cleans

5 clean grip RDLs

5 clean high pulls

5 muscle cleans

5 front squats

5 tall cleans

5 hang power cleans

5 power cleans below the knee

WOD 3 RFT 14/10 cals assault bike 15 power cleans 50 DUs or 100 singles