04.26.18 Amma

Warm Up400m row or run 10 cossack squats 10 reverse lunges 20 monster walks with mini-band

then... 200m row or run Inchworm Walk + Scap Push-Up + Press Up x 5 reps incworm + lean forward and slide feet to hands or hop feet to hands x 5 reps

then... snatch- 3 reps of each x 2 sets snatch grip RDLs snatch pull from the hang OHS

Mobility Banded face pulls x 20 reps - light band Banded hip flexor stretch x :30 each leg Deep squat progression x 5 reps

WOD Amma 4 RFT 15 burpee box jumps 24/20" 20 cal row 16 hang snatch 95/65 400m run