Warm UpEMOM x 9 mins 1st - 3-4 Single Leg Box Jumps/Leg (Start off low and build only if you are confident)- or use a plate 2nd - 6-8 Barbell Good Mornings (light loads - focus on stretching and activating your hamstrings and glutes) 3rd - Row 20sec HARD (get that breathing going)

Mobility: Ankle stretch- place foot on plate in a lunge position x :30 each side Deep goblet squat stretch- use the plate and hold in a deep squat for 1:00

Skill: Stamina Squats week 4 12:00 EMOM- based on front squat @ 66% min 1- 3 front squats min 2- 6 back squats

WOD 3 RFT Run to fence and back 15 wall balls 20/14 10 push press 95/65 1 rope climb