07.02.18 Hero WOD 'Blake'

Warm Up (100m to end of our building and back)

100m Slow Jog + :30s Spiderman + Reach 100m Slow Jog + :30s Cossack Squat 100m Slow Jog + :30s Glute Bridges 100m Slow Jog + :30s Box Step-Up, Step-Downs, into a couple of jump up, step down reps.

2-3 Rounds, gradually building in intensity: 100m Run + 5 Box Jumps + 7 Wallballs

Rest ~1:00 between rounds.

Mobility: banded external rotation press- https://www.instagram.com/p/BiaCoBvBao2/?taken-by=squat_university Try this 5 reps each side with a theraband or very light weight band

banded shoulder warm up- https://www.instagram.com/p/Bjskn7-hklm/?taken-by=squat_university

1. The first works external rotation strength and stability in an exercise called “The W.” Hold for 5-10” in the outermost position. 5 reps for :05 hold

2. Next perform a band pull apart keeping your elbows straight and squeezing your shoulder blades together as your arms move out to the side. 10 reps

3. Diagonal pulls in each direction should follow before moving to shoulder circles. This is a classic mobility move with an added stability twist due to the tension from the band. 10 reps each side

4. Shoulder circles. 10 reps

Skill: 10:00 EMOM odd mins- 12 sit ups even mins- 3 OHS - start at 60% and build across sets

WOD 'Blake' with a partner, one work, one rest 4 RFT 100' walking OH lunges 45/35# plate (25' is marked off in the gym. Move through 4 sections of this) 30 box jumps 24/20" 20 wall balls 20/14 10 HSPU