greg Warm Up 3:00 jumping rope singles every stop is 5 perfect air squats

8:00 EMOM min 1: band assisted perfect stretch x :30 min 2: shoulder opener with empty bar racked x :30 min 3: foam roller T-spine opener- lay the long way on the roller x :45 min 4: DB step ups x :30

Skill: Double Unders Here are some things to focus on to improve your double unders:

1.Keep your shoulders relaxed. 2. The wrists do the work; think about it as if you were air drying your hands. 3. At first you might have to jump a bit higher but eventually you will develop a short, fast, and effective jump. 4. Practice two singles followed by a double under attempt – and get this rhythm going for awhile to get your confidence in the movement. 5. Be patient – this will take time, you won’t get better at double unders through osmosis. You will have to put in some time on a regular basis. 6. Pick a spot straight ahead to focus on – if you have your eyes on the horizon, it will generally keep you more relaxed. 7. Get your own rope; this will be one of the best investments you can ever make. 8. Practice everyday; there’s nothing better than practice. The more you do it, the better you will get at this. Typically, once you have double unders, you don’t lose them. 9. Head goes straight up and down and make sure you don’t have a weird jump where your legs are way out in front and it looks like a dolphin kick. 10. Stay relaxed; the more you try to force it, the harder its going to become and you will get easily frustrated.

WOD: 9:00 AMRAP 9 push ups-scale is elevated push ups 9 front squats 115/85 or 95/65 40 DUs or 10 attempts- no singles

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