Warm Up
With a partner- medicine ball drills
Do 10 reps each of the following:

1. Chest passes: Focus on keeping the knees straight while quickly driving the ball away from the chest.
2. Rotational tosses: Focus on flexing at both the hips and knees while keeping the core engaged.
3. Overhead passes: Focus on keeping the core engaged while the ball is overhead and using a contraction in the lats to drive the ball to the other person.

4. Squat + chest pass to partner: Focus on creating a core-to-extremity pattern, similar to a wall ball or thruster.


hip flow https://www.instagram.com/p/Bh7BCJ4BraN/?taken-by=marcusfilly

Ankle stretch x :30 each side- elevate the foot and stretch in a spiderman lunge
Lateral banded walks over 2 plates stacked- band goes around ankles. Step lateral onto plate and off plate
10 reps each side

Skill: Front squats
set 1: 5 reps @ 65-70%
set 2: 3 reps @ 75-80%
set 3: 1 rep @ 85-90%
5 sets of 1 rep @ 85-95%

400m Run
10 OHS 95/65 75/55
10 lateral burpees over bar
10 power cleans 95/65 75/55