Warm Up
3 sets of
Assault bike 1:00 - last 10 seconds sprint
Row 1:00 - last 10 seconds sprint

8:00 EMOM
min 1: 2-3 TGU each side
min 2: band hollow lat pulls x 10 reps
min 3: 6-8 bent over barbell rows
min 4: hollow band Y's x 10 reps


Handstand progression work 15:00 with a partner for spotting in needed
station 1: lock out a plate overhead in the handstand push up lock out position- shrug up!
station 2: donkey kicks on the floor- get weight in the hands and lock out arms
station 3: pike on a box- stacked body and lift one leg off box to full extension
station 4: face into wall handstand holds

4 Rounds (15:00)
3:00 work 1:00 rest
pick up where you left off

12 box jumps 24/20"
9 hang power snatch 95/65 75/55
6 HSPU sub piked hspu on box or piked from the ground or DB seated strict press