Warm Up

250m row or bike

10 push up shoulder taps- in a push up position with hips and core tight, lift one hand to the opposite shoulder and tap with a 1-2 second hold

10 standing PVC pass thrus

10 (5 each side) single arm high pull with a KB- light

200m row or bike

10 each side shoulder taps with no pause

10 Cuban presses with PVC https://vimeo.com/151076664

10 ring rows

Mobility:  https://www.instagram.com/p/BsRVoRnFkuX/

1. Hip Flexor and T Spine in Kneeling over Ball- or just lay over the ball if you can't kneel
2️⃣Jefferson Curl Toes Elevated x 10 slow and controlled reps with PVC
3️⃣Elbows Blocks Shoulder flexion and external rotation x 45 second hold
4️⃣Pec Stretch in internal rotation x 30 second hold each side

Skill: 10:00 EMOM
odd- 30-40 seconds to work on a gymnastics skill
even- barbell bent over rows x 10 reps

12 box jumps 24/20"
10 DB alternating snatch 50/35 35/20
50 DUs or x 3 singles
100 feet farmer carry 53/35 each hand