Warm Up
2 sets

40 single unders
30 second wall sit
20 abmat sit ups
10 glute bridges

deep squat + walk out to plank and back x 8 reps
thoracic rotation with reach through x 6/side- start in a quadruped position, reach right hand through the left side and then rotation open with the left arm- rotate in the thoracic rather then the hips. Then reset and reach with the left arm through the right side and then rotate open to the right.

Skill: 3 sets - 2:00 minutes each (12:00)

Min 0-2: Bulgarian split squats x 8/side with weight in each hand
Min 2-4: Gymnastics skill practice- work 1-1:30 of the 2:00

AMRAP x 20min
50ft HS Walk / 50 shoulder taps/ 100 ft. scooter walk
100m Farmers Carry at 53#/35#- white line and back
100ft Straight Arm Sled Push- set this up for out and back. One plate for men, empty sled for women
5 tire flips
60sec Active hang from a pull up bar- in the hollow position


*5ft on HS walk =1 Rep

*10m on Farmers carry and sled push = 1 rep

Extra Mobility to continue on from our monthly challenge- 10 minutes each day will make a difference!
pigeon pose 1:00 each side
single leg forward fold 2:00 each side
thread the needle 1:00 each side
happy baby pose 2:00