Rowing Warm Up- Notes from Brian Hartney
Get everyone to row or bike for 2:00 to start
10 slow to fast air squats in between drills
Drills to practice: (read below)
Pair up with someone. One person does the drill, the other does the air squats

1. Row 200m with a pause at the finish for a second or two.
2. 5 strokes legs only + 5 strokes legs plus back + 5 strokes full row
3. Legs only row

-Starting to bend your knees for the recovery before you have pulled the handle all the way to your body. Common when athletes are trying to row really fast.

Drill: Pause at the finish for a second or two, completely locked out. This drill could be done during any Row warmup on every stroke.

-Leaning Back when starting the stroke. The rower should be leaning forward (1 o’clock) until legs are fully extended, then lean back to 11 o’clock.

Drill: 2X:
-5 strokes legs only. Extend legs completely while keeping the 1 o’clock position, which is challenging.
-5 strokes legs plus back (no arms). Staying in order, extend the legs fully, then move the back to 11 o’clock.
-5 strokes full row. Add in the arm pull, but keep everything in order, legs->back->arms

-Shooting the slide: this is when the legs drive the seat back faster than the handle.

Drill: legs only row, maintaining the 1 o’clock body position. Try to have the seat and the handle move at the exact same speed.

Warm Up for snatch
with an empty bar complete 5 reps of the following:
1. snatch grip behind the head press
2. snatch grip behind the head press in a quarter squat
3. jumping squats with barbell on your back- continuous
4. Cossack squats with barbell on your back- but you can take it off it needed
5. muscle snatch from the hang

Skill: snatch

3 sets of 3 reps sots press- in the receiving position press behind the neck- empty bar

Keep these light for technique
Every 60 seconds for 8 sets- 1 rep power snatch + 1 rep snatch
set 1-2 @ 50%
set 3-4 @ 60%
set 5-6 @ 65%
set 7-8 @ 70%

For Time
1000m Row
200 DUs or 400 singles or 100 DUs + 50' handstand walk( a progression for HSW would be shoulder taps while on the wall- have athletes perform 24 taps)
500m Row
100 DUs or 300 singles or 50 DUs + 30' handstand walk (20 shoulder taps on wall)
250m Row
50 DUs or 150 singles