02.09.19 Bring A Friend Day

Make up Strength/Skill


15:00 AMRAP
Teams of 2

one partner does a full round of Part One, while the other partner completes Part Two with KBs.   Then partners switch tasks. 

Part One

5 Dumbbell Burpee Deadlifts 50/35 35/20
5 Dumbbell Front Racked Squats

5 Dumbbell Single Arm Shoulder to Overhead/side

Part Two

50-Foot Front Racked Carry with KBs  52/35

50-Foot Farmers Carry with KBs  52/35

*DB burpee DL- do your burpee with hands on the DBs and then instead of jumping out of the burpee, deadlift out of it.

**each person is working at the same time but on different parts.