Warm Up
3 rounds:

8 half kneeling KB lift and chop/side
6 KB single arm deadlifts/side
5 dual DB strict press
5 single arm DB high pulls/side- really light

Mobility https://www.instagram.com/p/BmL8lWMHc4Q/

🔹SPEND 20sec at each & repeat sequence 2x (rest 20sec between sets):
1. “Elbow Pit” rotation w. fingers forward
2. Side to Side rock with fingers facing out
3. Back & Forth rock with fingers facing knees
4. Reverse Palm rock front to back

Sotts press prehab https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt_KPefAya9/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
10 reps with lighter bands on rig

Skill: handstand work


Station One: with a box practice in a pike position walking out and back and then practice handstand walking around the box
Station Two: with bands across the rig on J-hooks, practice handstand holds, balancing, and walking to the bands

Primer: 3 sets at light load
2 deadlifts + 2 hang power cleans + 1 squat clean

Barbell cycling for this workout- it's important to stay relaxed on the deadlifts because it's light but easy to lose control of your form.  Break up the hang power cleans in to manageable sets.  The grip will be tested here.  The weight for the barbell should depend upon your skill level of squat cleans.  If you did this weight fresh, you could cycle at least 5 or more reps.
For Time
45 deadlifts                    155/105    135/95      95/65
30 hang power cleans 155/105     135/95     95/65
15 squat cleans            155/105     135/95     95/65
*you need to use the same weight on all*