Warm Up
2 sets of:
50 single unders
10 reps each side single arm KB swings- light
8 reps Turkish sit ups- two KB or DB held straight overhead
8 reps barbell bent over rows
8 reps barbell roll outs
6 sumo inchworms
30 seconds barbell overhead hold

nerve flossing x 10 reps https://vimeo.com/127208120
deep squat progressions x 10 reps
wall slides with feet in a butterfly position seated next to the wall x 10 reps

2 sets
1. Skater Squat x 6/leg - the reach behind and torso lean places a great emphasis on the posterior leg muscles. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpFfS3oh-OK/
2. Cuban press with PVC x 10 reps https://vimeo.com/151076664

4 RFT- grind through this wod with good form. Grab that sandbag and move it quickly- but it should be heavy. try for unbroken barbell movements.
10 front squats 115/75 95/65
12 sumo deadlift high pull 115/75 95/65
150 foot bear hug sandbag carry- carry the Rogue black bags if you can or a wreckbag/sandbag
10 single arm DB overhead squats (5 each side) 50/35 35/20
12 DB rows in a plank position (6 each side) 50/35 35/20
150 foot sandbag carry