Warm Up
2- 3 rounds

Bike or row 15/10 cals
10 Cossack squats- 5 each leg
10 half kneeling bottoms up KB press- 5 each arm
10 single arm high pulls with KB or DB- light- 5 each side

3 rounds
30 feet quadruped crawl (low bear crawl)
5 hips down push ups (cobra)
10 second side plank/each side

Barbell warm up

5:00 EMOM- build load
hang power clean + front squat with a pause - :05 pause, then do
hang power clean with a slight pause before you squat-:05 pause, then do
full squat clean + press (cluster)

Skill: clusters
10 rounds every 90 seconds perform 1 rep cluster- be able to build load, so start light
*cluster = squat clean + thruster

ball slams
jump overs- pick a bench or a parallette to jump over- no touching- reps=number of jumps
HSPU sub seated DB presses or piked from a box hspu