Warm Up
250/200m row or bike
12 slow to fast air squats
250/200m row or bike
12 KB swings
one length bear crawl
one length crab walk


2 sets of:

DB push press x 8 reps
DB front squat x 8 reps
DB Romanian deadlift x 8 reps
DB bent over rows x 8 reps
DB elevated push ups x 8 reps

Rest 1:00

Barbell warm up- 3 reps of each
good mornings
back squats
elbow rotations
strict press from behind the neck
stiff- legged deadlifts
front squats

Specific warm for cleans and snatches
1. establish the power position with the tapping and high pull drills
2. perform power snatch from the power position, hang position and from the mid-shin
3. perform power cleans from the same three positions

WOD- this may seem like a long wod, but treat it like three separate workouts. Push each 3 round section. You should be getting a few minutes of rest in between sections. The weight today is a moderate load that when fresh, you could do these movement unbroken.
On a running clock
3 rounds of
10 power snatch 135/95 115/75 75/55
10 C2B pull ups- sub pull ups
 at 8:00 on the clock
3 rounds of
10 power cleans 135/95 115/75 75/55
10 front rack lunges (5 each leg)
at 16:00 on the clock
3 rounds of
10 front squats 135/95 115/75 75/55
10 lateral burpees over the bar