Warm up
2:00 cardio- row/bike/jump/run

3 rounds of:
10 push ups with yellow band around wrists-
10 DB rows- 5 each side
10 lateral box step overs- 5 each side
10 banded good mornings

Skill: clean & jerk
3 sets of 3 tall jerks + 3 tall cleans- start with empty barbell to move to light load
3 sets of 3 jerk balances + 3 high hang power cleans- start with light load and build

*tall jerk- stand tall with the bar pressed to the top of the forehead. As the feet transition, punch against the bar with the arms to push down into a quarter squat depth. Move head back through the arms and lock out the same time the feet reconnect with the ground. Hold the receiving position for 3 seconds.
*jerk balance- begin with feet in partial split position. Dip and drive bar straight up, keep the back foot planted and lift the front foot to step out into the full split length.

Do 6 sets of 2 power cleans + 1 push jerk
Set #1-3 @ 70%Set #4-6 @75%

WOD- this is a grinder workout. Just get through each exercise and keep moving. The weight is light which enables you to move larger sets.

Time Cap 25:00

30 wall balls
30 SDLHP 95/65 75/55
30 box jumps 24/20"
30 S2OH 95/65 75/55
30/21 cal row