Warm Up
4 rounds:

8 kip swings on bar or rings
8 yoga push ups
8 deep squat progressions with just the arms at side, no standing at every rep
1 rep of the complex: high hang clean + hang clean + clean + jerk

Mobility: Squat


1. quadruped rocker on toes- knees hover x 10 reps
2. squat to a walk out plank (like an inchworm without the push up) x 8 reps
3. deep squat progression without the single arm movements x 10 reps
4. half kneeling position to a pigeon pose stretch x 8 reps/side
5. goblet squat with a 3 second pause x 10 reps
6. back squat with KB on the back with a 2 second pause x 10 reps

Skill: box front squats

3 sets of 6 reps at a moderate weight with quality movement

18:00 AMRAP

18:00 AMRAP
200 feet (4 lengths of the gym) farmer carry 53/35
15 sandbag squats- 150/100 Rogue or 70/50/35 wreck bag
10 TTB and hanging knee raises
200m row