Warm Up
2 rounds
300m run or row
6-8/side KB front racked drop back lunges- stand on a plate and drop one foot off plate into a lunge position
20 second hollow hold
6/side shoulder taps with a one second pause

Shoulders: parallette shoulder extensions x 10

SI joint: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bvxz5Xxj4Yf/ (the first few moves here)
1. knee to chest with other leg straight out x 30 sec/side
2. lying on floor number 4 stretch x 30 sec/side
3. prone quad stretch x 30 sec/side
4. multi-planar hip flexor stretch x 5 reps each angle/side

Skill: landmine press
3 sets of 8 reps/side
build load

200m farmer carry
10 tire flips

Rest 3:00

400m run for time

Rest as needed

Take your 200m split time from your 400m run for time.
Complete 4 rounds of sprint to the fence and back
Your times on these sprints should be faster then your 200m split!!
Rest is 2:1