Warm Up
Bike/Row 3:00
3 sets
3 hang muscle cleans
3 hang muscle clean below knee
3 muscle clean
burpee + 2 broad jumps x 3
*start with empty bar and only go light loads thereafter

Banded lat activation: https://www.instagram.com/p/BnRPfG3n3Tw/
each exercise x 10 reps per side

glute activation: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmwtGtUnhn1
 10 reps of each
1️⃣Normal width bridges
2️⃣Feet wide bridges
3️⃣Feet narrow bridges (🐸 pumps)
4️⃣Seated clamshells
5️⃣Supine clamshells
6️⃣Seated abduction

Three sets of:
Tall Clean x 2 reps (focus on technique, not weight)

6 sets of:

Power Clean from 2″ below the knee +Power Clean

Sets 1-2: 70%
Sets 3-4: 75%
Sets 5-6: 80%


One set of:
Clean Pull x 3 reps @ 95%


For Time
Sled pull- pylon and back with moderately heavy weight
12 wreck bag squat cleans
50' walking lunges with wreck bag- front or back racked
12 wreck bag squat cleans
Sled pull- pylon and back