Warm Up

Run/Row/bike 400m
2 rounds of:
10 skaters each side- keep upright, don't touch the ground with hand. Push through the glutes and hamstrings
10 two-legged pistols
10 box step downs- touch the toe to the floor and drive up
5 sumo inchworms

Mobility: shoulder flow by Marcus Filly

Skill: Single leg movement
Pistol progressions to practice https://www.instagram.com/p/BrnZ8X6ghIu/
Complete 6-8 reps each side for each exercise

1. Narrow Squat
2. Toenail Spot
3. Single Leg Ankle Spot
4. Narrow Squat to Single Leg Stand
5. Pistols

Front rack box steps ups
3 sets of 6 reps/side with moderate weight based off of your test set last week. If you didn't do the test last Thursday then you need to find your 10 rep max today.

For Time
alternating pistols
SDLHP 115/75 95/65
ring push ups
25 DUs or 75 single unders after each set of reps