Warm Up
400m run
then 3 rounds
5 banded chops each side https://www.instagram.com/p/BxPr_LCFBmU/ (video #2 on here)
DB complex starting in a plank position: row right side + push up + row left side + push up, 2 x power clean, 3 x single arm push press/side (add load each round)
Hollow body flutter kicks x 10

3 rounds:

A. hip thrusts x 12 reps at a lighter load for good positioning.
The goal with this exercise is to get the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings) to extend the hip, not the lower back. Get the ribs down to establish neutral core positioning.

B. Turkish sit ups x 10 reps- hold KB in each hand - extended overhead the entire sit up
C. ISO hold of your choosing x 30 seconds

12 DB deadlifts 50/35 35/20
9 DB hang power cleans
6 DB thrusters
45 second plank hold- option to hold on low rings