05.16.19- How many?? with partners

Warm Up

3 sets of
5 broad jumps
10 rower pike ups- feet on the seat, hands on the floor
6-8 half kneeling landmine press/ arm- empty bar then light load

Mobility: T-spine https://www.instagram.com/p/BxD6I7LhtnE/
1. 8/side x split stance t-spine rotations
2. 6-8 reps scap push up plus to bent knee downward dog
3. 8/side x spiderman rotations off MB

Skill: strict press
6:00 EMOM
3 reps every minute @ 60-65%

WOD 4 stations 20:00 total time- score is total reps completed
Partners- complete each station for max number of reps.
4:00 work, 1:00 transition

station one: how many sled pushes can your team do? 50m push/ 50 m walk next to partner- sled should be empty. Move it quickly. (there is a white spray painted line outside near the end of our building. The distance from our start line is 50m)

station two: how many times can you throw a sandbag over a racked barbell? The barbell should be above hip height. Use the Rogue bags or the wreck bags. You throw over then your partner throws back.

station three: how many thrusters can you do? 115/80 95/65 . One work, one rest.

station four: how many times can you laterally throw the medicine ball to your partner? MB 20/14#. Minimum distance between the two partners should be 8 feet- just one inch off the width of our floor mats per person.