Warm Up
3 Sets
10 Step Death March
20m Lateral Banded Walk (10m/direction)
10 Banded Pallof press each side

*slow controlled movements with purpose to warm up and activate

Perform 5 reps of every movement in this order:

1. Inch Worms
2. Snatch Grip (Behind the head) Press
3. Snatch Grip (Behind the head) Press in a Quarter Squat4. Snatch Grip (Behind the head) Sots Press
5. Jumping Squats with barbell on back (continuous)
6. Cossack Squats on either side (ideally with the barbell on your back but you can take it off if you can not balance.)
7. Muscle Snatch from the Hang

skill: snatch
4 sets of 1 rep snatch pull + 2 reps hang squat snatch
#1-2 @ 50%
#3-4 @ 55%

10:00 EMOM building load on a single rep snatch

400m Row
10 DB box step overs 24/20" 50/35 35/20
20 alternating DB single arm snatch 50/35 35/20