Warm Up
Coach led dynamic warm up
jog in a circle changing movements as you jog
1. arm swings
2. high knees
3. butt kicks
4. shuffle
5. grapevines
6. skip

Line Drills:
1.inchworm with hollow position push up straddle inchworm- move weight mostly to shoulders and then toe tap or toe drag up to your hands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NScMw2uXBOc (this video shows the idea but I would like the legs wide in a straddle position and then either drag your feet to your hands or some will have to tap the toes as the move them back to the hands.)
2. bear walk- hide ears with arms
3. crab walk both directions
4. lunge with arms OH
5. Walk on toes/ heels

Skill: single leg bridge on floor 3 sets of 10 each side

Gymnastics Conditioning
4 rounds (unbroken is your goal!)
0:10 hollow hold
0:10 hollow rock
10 v-ups
rest 0:30 between sets *to scale lower number to 5’s
*Point toes to fire up more muscles, including hip flexors and quads. .

Station One: 3:00 AMRAP
sandbag over the bar- bar should be about sternum height 100/80/70/50- Rogue or wreck bags

Rest 1:00

Station Two: 3:00 AMRAP
Tire flips for reps

Rest 1:00

Station Three: 3:00 AMMAP (as many meters as possible)

Farmer Carry for distance 53/35 KBs or DBs each hand

Rest 1:00

Station Four: 3:00 AMRAP
Hammer strikes for reps- striking the largest tire only