Warm Up
2 Rounds:
200m Run
parallette shoulder extensions x 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GLMYwLE47c

Hip flexor hurdles x 5/sidehttps://www.instagram.com/p/B1ewbGLFylu/
Cossack squats x 8/side
KB single side OHS x 4/side

Mobility: squat


1️⃣Quadruped Rockback – get on all fours with a wide stance, sink back into deep hip flexion, stretching your groin and glute muscles.⁣⁣
2️⃣Ankle Prying – get down into a squat, lean to one side and push the knee forward while keeping the heel down, stretching the lower calf region.⁣⁣
3️⃣Foam Roller T-Spine – get down on the ground in a supine position with a foam roller placed underneath the upper back and your hands behind your head. Use your thoracic extensors to arch the upper back over the foam roller.⁣⁣
4️⃣Ankle Rocking – from a kneeling position in a deep lunge, push the knee forward while keeping the heel down, striving to feel the stretch in the lower calf area.⁣⁣
5️⃣Squat Adductor – get down into the bottom of a squat and use your elbows to push your knees outward, stretching the inner thigh muscles.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Do 3 rounds of 6 reps of each of these then proceed to your squat workout.⁣⁣

Skill: squats
every 2:00 for 4 sets
3 OHS + 4 Back squats
Use 65-70% 1 RM ohs weight for both movements. Rack the barbell and move from OHS to back squat within the two minutes.

3 sets with a 2:00 rest in between sets
15 KB swings 2/1.5 pood
20 box jump overs 24/20"
25 wall balls 20/14
Rest 2:00

if time remains, complete the cool down from Thursday

2-3 Rounds for quality
L Hang: 15 seconds or Hanging Bent Knee Hold: 15 seconds
Curl Ups: x 10 with 5 count hold at the top https://vimeo.com/204093491
1 Arm Farmer Carry: 30 seconds each arm, go heavy enough to feel it

Alternating Push Up Ts: x 10 https://vimeo.com/130766564

Mobility Challenge
Spend 1 minute pigeon pose (R)
Spend 1 minute pigeon pose (L)
Spend 2 minutes seated cross shin pose (R)
Spend 2 minutes seated cross shin pose (L)
Spend 3 minutes saddle pose
Spend 2 minutes puppy dog pose