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WOD (17:00)- this a perfect time to challenge yourself on your mile time. Go hard. You will have rest afterwards. Record any new PRs on the board!

Run 1 mile for time- use the new course

at 12:00 on the clock
5:00 AMRAP
Turkish Get Ups- choose an appropriate KB weight where you can keep moving through the get up for the entire time limit. Record reps and KB weight to the board- along with mile time.

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WOD- this is a heavier wod with small reps and high skill level
For Time
1 DB devil's press + 1 burpee pull up or burpee bar muscle up
2 DB devil's press + 2 burpee pull ups
3 DB devil's press + 3 burpee pull ups
4 DB devil's press + 4 burpee pull ups
5 DB devil's press + 5 burpee pull ups

* go a little bit heavier on the DBs since the reps of small
**go with seated pull ups from a racked barbell
*** devil's press is a burpee with hands on the DBs then you get up and swing the DBs between the legs and press then up overhead.

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