05.12.18 Two to Tango

Bring A Friend Day!!  

Make up Strength/Skill

WOD- Bring a Friend Day Two to Tango 25 unison burpees 2 x Relay run each person- partner A runs to pylon and back, tags partner B who runs the same distance 50 Deadlifts 245/165 2 x relay run each person 50 power cleans 155/105 2 x relay run each person 50 shoulder to overhead 135/95 25 unison burpees

For the run, each person runs to the pylon and back twice, tagging off after each run. The reps of DL, PC, and S2OH are split however. Any new person can do reps of these movements with DBs or a MB. The burpees are done together with each partner completing 25 reps.