10.30.18 Night of the Living Dead

Halloween Week
Warm Up
3:00 row, bike, run or jump rope

single leg movements
reps each side for each exercise
1. Single leg deadlift + reverse lunge
2. Step up + reverse lunge
3. Lateral + curtsy lunge

Shoulders: 8-10 reps each side

1. draw the arrow- yellow mini-band held out in front of you. Draw back one hand like getting ready to shoot a bow and arrow. Hold back by the ear and then extend back out in front.
2. lateral quadruped crawl with mini-band around the wrists
3.  Hollow banded pulls x 10 reps for 2 sets  Rest :60 between

▪️Set yourself far enough from the band so when you reach back your arms are straight and the band does not have slack.
▪️Hit a hollow position (can scale to tuck version) & pull the band with straight arms down to your hips
▪️do not fall out of your hollow (i.e.: don’t let shoulders drop every time you bring band back behind you). Go to a scaled version if you get tired
▪️Make sure you pull w. straight arms

▪️If you need more resistance - move farther away from band

Take time to warm up to the deadlifts and muscle ups or dips


Night of the Living Dead
8:00 AMRAP
2 muscle ups or 4 strict dips
2 deadlifts 275/185 185/125
2 lengths sled pull- outside with big sleds 3/2 plates ( inside with small sleds if needed)

*add 2 reps to the deadlifts each round

Muscle up drills- in case you have an athlete who wants to do progressions for Muscle Up reps

1. foam roller muscle up transition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b14kP98t3nU&feature=youtu.be
2. large ring swings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3QFiTQOlSY&feature=youtu.be
3. box jump-up to full support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHdL6srbAtI&feature=youtu.be