Warm Up
KB Deadlift + Cook Squat x 5
Lateral Box Step Ups x 5 each way
Single Arm Down Dog x 5 each
 Push Up Position Leg Swing x 5 each
Transverse Plane KB Swing x 10 each side
Bottoms Up Carry x 40m each arm
Prone T + Y + Angel x 5 + 5 + 5
Turkish Get Up (bottoms up) x 2 each side

min 1: Hanging MB hamstring curls x 10 reps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80W49f3eBsQ&feature=youtu.bemin 2: 14 wall facing shoulder taps- sub taps while in the pike position from a box

min 3: 10 KB half kneeling bottoms up press (5/arm)


KB rack complex - complete 4 complexes with 60 seconds rest

KB front rack reverse lunge R
KB front rack step up R
KB front rack reverse lunge L
KB front rack step up L

15:00 AMRAP
80m (pylon and back) sled push light or no weight - no stops
20m (2 sections of concrete, out and back) dual KB OH carry
200m run
5 alternating pistols- optional weighted pistol or sub Cossack squats