05.30.19 Partner WOD

Warm Up
2 rounds of:
10 wall slides
10 alt. reps KB rack drop lunges https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjGByhYeO-Q
10 prisoner Kang squats- no weight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2cQp1aAWjc
10 each side lateral banded step overs- use the plate from the drop lunges
wrist stretches
banded work x 10 each- use the thera bands

1. 3 second 'w' position
2. pull aparts
3. diagonal pull aparts
4. pass thrus

Skill: handstand progressions
1. donkey kicks x 10 reps2. kicks to the wall x 5 reps
3. handstand hold on wall or free standing- 30 seconds - 60 seconds
4. handstand march on a box- in a pike position, hands on the floor marching and moving the body- 20 reps

Every 45 seconds for 4:30 (6 sets)

complete 4 unbroken HSPU- athlete can do strict, kip, or pike from a box or the floor

with a partner- divide reps, one work/one rest
MB sit ups 20/14

Post WOD- extra work - optional
1-3 sets
1:00 handstand hold
1:00 wall sit
1:00 ring support
1:00 L-sit hang
1:00 rest
accumulate time if you can't complete 1:00 unbroken