Warm Up
3:00 run, row or bike
3 Rounds, rotating stations every :30 seconds:
A) Alternating Samson Stretches
B) Glute Bridges with feet up on a bench
C) Alternating Spiderman + Reach
D) Banded Good Mornings

Mobility: shoulder stability https://www.instagram.com/p/BydxpuJF8uC/
1. alternating low box (a plate on the floor) hand walks x 10/side
2. 1-arm depth push up with shoulder tap x 5/side
3. low box (plates on floor) lateral hands walks for speed x 5/direction
4. Ts + angels on a bench x 10 reps

Skill: holds (12:00)
6 sets of
30 second handstand hold
10 second hollow hold
10 second superman hold
rest 1:10


40 DUs or 120 singles
10 Sandbag cleans - Rogue bag 150/100 or wreckbags 70/50/35
30 DUs or 90 singles
100m sandbag bear hug carry
20 DUs or 60 singles
10 sandbag over a box (48" or 40")- 5 each side- get the sandbag on top of the box and push it over.