06.28.19 Partner WOD

Warm Up
12:00 continuous

100m run
5 each side landmine press + reach thru to stretch the shoulder
5 ring rows
5 each side spiderman + reach lunges
5 each side DB snatch

then... 2 sets of 6 face pull + Y press with OHS


Mobility: https://www.instagram.com/p/Byp3_NUHBfy/drill for improving the OHS position

Skill: snatch balance + OHS

6 sets of 1 snatch balance + 2 OHS
start at 50% 1RM snatch and build load

with a partner
10 rounds each
200m row
one partner finishes the 200m row before the other partner can start on the same rower. Don't reset the rower. Time after 20 total rounds is your team score.