Warm Up
18/15 cal row
15/12 cal bike
2 rounds of:
5 slow to fast air squats
30 seconds of deep squat progressions
5 sumo inchworms
2 rounds of:
5/side lateral box step ups
30 seconds/side ankle stretch on the box
10 glute bridges with heels on the box


Goblet squat with dorsiflexion stretch x 30 seconds

Sit squats- focus on range of motion x 10 reps

Prone Floor Angels x 10 reps

Barbell warm up- use this to get people to feel where the bar should be before hips open and then using the hips to get the bar off the body and into a push press

3 front squats
3 front squats with a 2 second pause at the pocket position (right before you extend the hips)
3 front squats with a 2 second pause at the pocket + push press
3 thrusters- no pausing

endurance- same stuff, just different order
scale reps for extra rest

For Time
30 thrusters 95/65 75/55 55/35
30 power cleans
30/20 cal row

at the 8:00 mark on the clock
30/20 cal row
30 thrusters
30 power cleans

at the 16:00 mark on the clock
30 power cleans
30/20 cal row
30 thrusters

*you can start at any part of this as long as you then go in order- that way we don't have a back up on the rowers. For beginner athletes have them try rounds of 20 reps each instead of 30s. We can also have athletes use DBs instead of a barbell if movement pattern isn't ideal.