07.27.19 Partner WOD


For Time
40-30-20-10 synchronized burpees over the barbell
20-15-10-5 partner deadlifts 405/365 for men's bar
265/245 for women's bar

100m run after each set of deadlifts- done one at a time, one person

*burpees can be lateral where one person starts on the left and one person starts on the right of the barbell. The burpees can also be done facing the barbell with both people starting on the same side. They need to be synchronized at the prone position of the burpee and then the jump over the barbell.

*partner DL- hands cannot be crossed on the barbell between partners. Grab next to each other. Full extension at the top needs to take place for a good rep. Modify weight for a mixed sex pair.- try the scaled men's weight.

*100m run is to the white line right before the fence and back. Each partner needs to run 100m- one at a time. Not done together and it's performed after each set of DLs.

40 buprees + 20 deadlifts + 100m each....