Warm Up
200m run or row
2 rounds
5/side perfect stretch walk
10/side banded lateral and monster walks

20 shoulder taps
5/side single arm KB swings

1 set of
5 scap pull ups
3 strict pull ups
5 small hollow/arch swings
3 kip pull ups
*only kip if you have strength to strict- or get a band across the rig for tempo pull ups

Conditioning: fabulous hollow/arch swings on the bar x 30
Proper Form includes:
1. Shoulders control the kip by actively opening and closing
2. Hollow body position includes posterior tilt of the pelvis w/ minimal hip flexion
3. Arch position= open shoulders, extended spine and hips with knees straight
4. Full body tension maintained as noted by feet staying in contact

run 400m
21 KB swings 53/35
12 pull ups

Skill: Deadlifts
6 sets of 4 TNG reps

start at 65-70% and build load