Warm Up:
2 rounds:

Run 400m

8-10 reps 2-Legged Pistol- feet and knees stay together as you squat down to your lowest with knees staying together. You can hold a plate or KB in front at eye level.

6-8 reps candlestick pistols- from standing, squat with feet and knees together and roll to a candlestick position staying hollow and roll out to a single leg squat and stand. Scale to a get up.
12 reps (6 each side) box step downs- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XkKJ26iqZE


10 deep squat progressions
30 sec each side banded lat stretch
1:00 deep squat ankle stretch- hold a plate or sandbag

Skill work: snatch
slow snatch deadlift + hang snatch high pull + snatch (1+1+1) x 5 sets
build load only with good form


CrossFit Games Doubles & Oly

50 DUs
5 squat snatch
50 DUs
4 squat snatch
50 DUs
3 squat snatch
50 DUs
2 squat snatch
men: 135-145-155-165
women: 95-100-105-110

scaled DUs= single unders
weight = 95/65 or 65/45 for the entire wod